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In Tribal Welfare Developement Organization Council any part of the property or income of the organisation is not to be used or applier or ensures directly or indirectly for the benefit of any person specified under sub section 3 of section 13 of the Income Tax ACTS, 1961.

The profits generated by activities of the organisation are to be utilise solely for achieving the objects of the organisation.

The members are not entitled for any remuneration.They shall however be entitled to bereimbursed all travelling expenses incurred by them in the course of discharging the function of the organization.any income by generation from projects as per the aims and objects,donations & grant-in-aid,subcription,etc of the organization will be fully utillized for the purpose of the organizationand will notin any way or form i.e kind, cash,gift profit, interests,dividend or otherwise will be made to any of the members who are associate with the organization presently or was asssociated previously and their relatives.

There is an autonomous body to called as the Tribal Welfare Development Organization Council (Autonomous Council) within the state of Assam extending the area of operation to the whole of country. The Tribal Welfare Development Organization Council (Autonomous Council) shall have maximum autonomy within the framework of the constitution.